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I’m finally back after a LONG break!! I’ve recently decided to make a big change in my lifestyle, which requires a little bit of effort but I know it’ll help me to become a healthier and more relaxed person. The long break was needed for me to completely make up my mind, and I’m SUPER happy about my decision. I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday too!

Nail Art Designs  So! My first nail art for this year is a Shiba Inu! Shiba Inu is a type of dog in Japan. The zodiac sign for this year is also the dog, so I thought it’ll be kind a symbolic 🙂


Nail Art Designs  They have so many features to adore, like their stretchy mochi cheeks and the heart melting smiley faces. But my absolute favourite is…yes, the fluffy bum bums! If you think I’m crazy, Google some of the Shiba Inu tail photos – you’ll totally agree with me! Here is an example of heart exploding cute Shiba photos (Google image search).


Nail Art Designs  What is my fluffy bum Shiba staring at? It’s ice cream!!


Nail Art Designs  For my thumb and pinky, I’ve created dripping designs to match the ice cream design.


Nail Art Designs


Here is my Shiba Inu nail art video and I hope you enjoy!


Nail Art Designs  I hope you like this design! I’m so sorry for being MIA for a long time – it’s great to be back 🙂

Thank you for your visit<3


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