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Gizmodo The End of All That's Good and Pure About the Internet Gizmodo Memes, news, Wikipedia, art, privacy, and the creative side of fandom are all at risk of being destroyed or kneecapped. By the time Americans woke up on piracy claims over white noise and birds chirping. Also, what's possibly the most important Antonio Tajani MEP President of the European Parliament antonio.tajani@europarl – Electronic Frontier Foundation Electronic Frontier Foundation

Techdirt EU Copyright Proposal That Would Destroy Internet Memes Being Protested With Internet Memes Techdirt Of course, the flag isn't capable of being targeted for preemptive takedown since it's in the Creative Commons, but the underlying message — that the proposal is ridiculous and harmful — still comes through. But the best of It will also do

Kotaku Indie Games Are Getting Cloned Before They're Even Out Kotaku Its library of copycats includes Infinite Golf, similar to Desert Golfing, an Impossible Road takeoff called Twisty Road, and The Fish Master, which aped the Vlambeer game Ridiculous Fishing. In 2017, Voodoo games were “Independent creators come

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