Posted on 12 Non -Toxic Nail Polish Brands Whatever the cause, after four hours trying to dry in the evening and a sleepless night spent with my nails sticking to my flannel sheets, I got up and removed the perfect red that was now all smudged and still not dry. The lacquer and formaldehyde

Daily Mail Protecting jewellery, fixing laddered tights and relieving insect bites: The 15 surprising hacks you can do with Daily Mail Paint a thin layer of clear nail polish on all areas of the jewellery that come into contact with the skin to maintain lustre and protect from rusting. Not only useful for protecting your jewellery, this will also let those suffering from nickel

Daily Mail What's old is new again! Jennifer Lawrence's manicurist reveals how your broken make-up can be used to create a Daily Mail The hack is not just useful for broken products, but for old or too-bright eyeshadow that's collecting dust on your shelf. In a recent video on her YouTube channel, Revlon nail stylist Chelsea King demonstrates how easy it is to repurpose a palette.

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