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SitePoint Getting Started with AnyChart — 10 Practical Examples SitePoint And if you don't like JSON, you can stick to XML because AnyChart charts also have no problem dealing with data in XML format. As with JSON, AnyChart also provides their own XML schemas. XML is also a good fit whenever you are going to store the 

Daily Mail Britain's white flight: Report reveals how racial segregation has risen 'strikingly' in just 10 years – with numbers Daily Mail really get British-born white customers. I have a few white Polish customers, some of them come in regularly, but none who are from the UK. 'It is sometimes a gang mentality and everyone wants to stick to their own. There are whole parts of

The Cheat Sheet 13 Men's Products Worth Splurging On The Cheat Sheet The brand recently launched an entirely new men's collection including this round, perfectly sized, stick deodorant. It glides on without a trace and has an alcohol and aluminum-free, non-sticky formula so it won't irritate skin even during intense

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